Soulharmony - Linda Charlotte Fuchs | Art for the soul & Energy Treatments
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Hi my name is Linda and I am a professional Massage Therapist & Intuitive Healer & Artist. If you are interested in my Art please go here 


I give amazing Body Intuitive Treatments. Please read more details about my treatments below. I am specially focused on deep relaxing treatments so you can let your head go. A lot of my experience comes from healing pain in my own body but also from treating many people. 



Soulharmony is the answer of following my heart and following the answer that was in the wind. Soulharmony represents balance of our Body & Soul. The body is an expression of our soul and it is up to us to take care of our body temple in a healthy and balanced way.



Warmly welcome to you!




Each treatment is individually adapted to your state of being. It contains a mix of Swedish Massage, Ayurvedic Massage, Intuitive Healing.



A Warm, relaxing, grounding & Earthy treatment performed with amazing aroma oils.

Full body massage. From deep tissue to low pressure depending on your state of Being.

Including my heavenly head & Scalp massage.




A treatment for honoring the godess within you. Full body massage with amazing Aroma oils with heavenly smells.

A treatment that focus on your feminine areas such as lower back, hips middle back and is specially good if you have any problems with neck & Jaw. From high to low pressure depending on your state of Being.

Including my heavenly head & Scalp massage.


LET GO, 75 min

A warm hearted treatment performed with outmost love for what you truly are. A deep deep relaxing treatment with a gentle soothing touch. An experience that helps you to let go of everything that you have stored in your body and invites you to relax fully in your own being-ness. Are you ready to let go?



An amazing deep scalp, head an neck massage. This treatment is worth gold and works on all levels of your body. It focus on all the nerves and points that stimulates your whole body. This is an amazing and deep relaxing treatment that stimulates your hair growth, reduces wrinkles and increase the blood flow in your whole body.






” I am so happy that I finally found you” Sarah


” You find my spots without me having to guide you, I am so happy with your treatments and I feel so good after” Kajsa


” We cooperate with Linda and use her treatments in our programs. We are very happy to recommend her and the amazing treatments she give” Human Gardening, Mikael


“Strongly recommended” Tobias


” After your treatment I feel so relaxed and grounding. Highly recommended” Nino